Fall Foliage Season Begins in Brattleboro, Vermont

As we wind down the final few days of summer, it’s time to start looking towards another spectacular fall in Brattleboro, Vermont.  Fall foliage season is already showing hints of its colorful hues.  Soon, we’ll be surrounded by the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows that have made Vermont famous. Whether you want to enjoy the beauty of fall foliage by hiking or driving, you won’t have to go far to see the finest fall foliage Vermont has to offer.  Book your room at our Vermont Bed and Breakfast today.  For maximum enjoyment, you may want to consider a midweek stay to avoid the inevitable fall crowds.  

Vermont’s Fall Foliage

There is no doubt that Vermont is one of the best places to view the spectacular color show Mother Nature displays each fall.  Though it varies each year with the weather, typical peak fall foliage season runs from late September through the third week of October.  Foliage reports are helpful in choosing the best places to view fall foliage at any given time.  Foliage color generally starts to change in the higher, cooler areas, and moves from north to south, where Brattleboro is located.

Scenic Hikes

We think one of the best ways to truly get an appreciation for Brattleboro’s fall foliage is by taking a hike into the surrounding mountains.  From here, the vantage points can be truly breathtaking, as you look across hillside after hillside of those brightly glowing fall colors.  From downtown Brattleboro, many hikes are easily accessible, including:

A little further away, you’ll find some truly exquisite hikes.  The most prominent of these is Equinox Mountain, one of the most prominent peaks in all of Vermont.

Scenic Fall Drives

For those who’d rather stick to the comfort of their vehicle when looking for spectacular views of Vermont’s fall foliage, scenic drives are the way to go.  Even if the fall foliage in Brattleboro hasn’t peaked at the time of your visit, there are plenty of scenic byways and amazing fall drives that will put you in the middle of fall splendor. No matter where you go, you’ll find picturesque towns, historic covered bridges, working farms, and plenty of scenic beauty.  Virtually any backroad will provide you with pretty fall views, but here are the best fall drives to explore this fall:

Though these activities are wonderful ways to experience the beauty of fall in Vermont, you don’t even have to step off our property at Forty Putney Road to enjoy the vibrant hues.  Our very own back yard boasts the largest Cut Leaf Japanese Maple tree in the United States, and overlooks the beautiful “Retreat Meadows” lake, ringed with beautiful trees that never fails to delight guests during the colorful fall months.  A path leading from our backyard makes its way to the Hogle Wildlife Sanctuary, a wonderful place to wander and enjoy a fall afternoon.  Book your room at Brattleboro’s finest Bed and Breakfast, and discover the beauty of Vermont this fall.


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