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Inn on Putney Road

Our Privacy Promise

We offer a uniquely private B&B experience, where we are only as engaged as you want us to be. Separate breakfast tables, tons of quiet corners, no tchotchkies or doilies to be found. Just clean, comfortable, private, intimate accommodations.

We promise not to be all up in your…

Well, you know what we are saying. Maybe you’ve been to one of those B&Bs, or heard horror stories… Innkeepers that just won’t stop. That want to tell you all about the history of their miniature ceramic teacup collection. Well, if that’s what you want, sorry but you won’t find it here.

When we opened Inn on Putney Road we built the B&B that WE would stay at. Being “hotel guests” ourselves, we knew that there was a great opportunity to provide something as good as the best hotel, but with all of the awesome personal touches of a B&B (like awesome breakfasts with local ingredients, a huge library of good DVDs, and spectacular gardens and grounds).

We are as available as you want us

We like┬áto be available to our guests, without hovering over them…

Want to know about the house, the area, our favorite restaurants?? We are right there and happy to talk all of that.

But, want us to leave you alone to be close to your partner? Done.

And then there’s breakfast

Do you fear sitting down to eat at a big common table? Do you hate making small talk in the morning? You know what – us too!

That’s why we offer a variety of breakfast seating options. Including private tables for 2. And come down anytime between 8 and 9:30, no “reservations” or ridiculous 5:15 breakfast times. We can even hook you up a bit earlier if you want to get out on the water or need to run. Just let us know.

We would say you can have it your way, but that’s already taken so just know that at our Vermont B&B your stay is a private or as social as you want it to be.

See what others are saying about it over there on the right. Then give us a call, or book online (even our online booking is secure and private!).

Doily Free since 2007

You won’t find tchotchkies or doilies and frilly wallpaper around here. Clean lines, contemporary flair (while preserving the history of the property of course). Original and fully restored bathrooms and tile, but with bold modern colors and of course modern amenities.

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