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The sweet nectar of Vermont’s Sugar Maple trees – and, therefore, the sight of a Vermont sugar house and its signature taps strapped to trees in the late winter and early spring months – is something to get excited about! The existence of every Vermont sugar house in the era of modern technology is a true testament to Vermont’s enduring rural character and its rich agricultural heritage. 

For us, it’s a sign that the season’s snows are soon in our rearview mirror and that the production of another batch of the best maple syrup in Vermont is on the horizon. Sugar maple season occurs in the late winter and early spring months when nighttime temperatures are just warm enough for the sap to be collected. 

The production of maple syrup in Vermont is a time-honored tradition, often passed down from one familial generation to the next. This spring, we invite you to experience the enduring tradition of the Vermont sugar house when you stay with us at our charming Vermont B&B in Brattleboro. We offer guests an elevated retreat on the banks of the Connecticut River. Book your room today! 

A Vermont sugar house in winter with tapped maple trees in the foreground

Visit a Vermont Sugar House This Spring

The Vermont Sugar House is a welcome sign in the early days of spring. Not only do they play a pivotal role in producing the best maple syrup in Vermont, but they are a strong indicator that winter is on its way out the door!

You’ll know we’re getting close to sugar maple season when the temperatures at night are just around freezing but gradually warmer during the day. The timing isn’t an exact science, but as soon as the sap starts to flow, the Vermont sugar house kicks into high gear, producing gallons of this stick, sweet favorite of breakfast tables worldwide. 

Once the sap has been collected in the signature metal buckets on trees across Vermont, it gets boiled and evaporated in a Vermont Sugar House until it transforms into the signature amber hue of Vermont maple syrup. 

Visiting a Vermont sugar house is a fun part of this transitional season and an excellent opportunity to learn more about this process and sample some delicious syrupy treats. There are several sugar houses in the Brattleboro area, and the best time to visit them is during the annual Maple Open House Weekend. 

The Spring Maple Open House Weekend is scheduled for March 23 – 24, 2024. It’s a weekend dedicated to celebrating all things maple at Vermont sugar houses across the state. Vermont’s sugar makers open their doors and invite the public to taste and celebrate the first batches of the season. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy Vermont’s signature maple treat – freshly made maple syrup on snow. It’s a sweet delight! 

There are three main Vermont sugar houses near our Vermont B&B in Brattleboro. They include: 

Find the best maple syrup in Vermont at a VErmont Sugar House, and the breakfast table pictured at our Vermont B&B

Find the Best Maple Syrup in Vermont at our Breakfast Table

You’ll find plenty of delicious maple treats around Vermont, but we pride ourselves on serving some of the best maple syrup in Vermont right here at our Vermont B&B. We think having a fresh breakfast made just for you is one of life’s simplest pleasures, which we pride ourselves on here at our Vermont B&B. We take special care each morning to craft a delicious meal, often featuring fresh, local products – like the best maple syrup in Vermont – wherever we can. 

Each morning of your stay, you will experience a unique multi-course meal prepared fresh and with the finest quality ingredients. We typically serve breakfast between 8 and 9:30 am at individual tables in the main dining room, although we can be flexible. If weather permits, the backyard tables are lovely, and we are also happy to provide in-room breakfast trays.

Each morning, our main course alternates between something sweet or savory. On savory days, breakfast typically begins with a bread course of homemade bread, muffins, or scones, followed by a fruit course using the freshest available fruit. A main, savory course completes the breakfast service. On sweet days, we drop the bread course if the main dish uses bread as a significant part of the dish. Typically, you will begin with a parfait made with fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt, followed by a main course headlined with sweet indulgences – including some of the best maple syrup in Vermont! 

We’re also happy to cater to dietary needs, allergies, and other restrictions whenever possible, including accommodating gluten and dairy-free diets, vegetarians, and vegans. Please let us know of your dietary requirements as soon as you can so we can be assured of crafting something delicious for you! 

Breakfast is, of course, just one of the many fine reasons to book a room at our Vermont B&B. Exquisite hospitality, gorgeous guest rooms and grounds, and much more await you this spring. Book your room at our charming Vermont B&B today! 

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