Pisgah State Park & More Great Hikes near Brattleboro

Pisgah State Park is just across the border from our Brattleboro Bed and Breakfast in New Hampshire, and it’s a fantastic place to enjoy a bit of hiking this summer. It’s a great place to get outside and enjoy a bit of adventure this summer, not to mention to enjoy the spectacular scenery of southern Vermont. However, Pisgah State Park isn’t the only great place to enjoy hikes near Brattleboro, VT.

You can also access an extensive network of hiking trails from our back yard – just one more reason to consider staying with us at our stunning Brattleboro Vermont Bed and Breakfast. The Inn on Putney Road is located on the banks of the Connecticut River, just a short walk from downtown Brattleboro.

Our Vermont Bed and Breakfast offers six beautiful guest rooms, stunning seasonal gardens, and incredible access to nature. If you’re ready to explore beautiful places like Pisgah State Park or some of the other hikes near Brattleboro, VT, it’s time to get out your calendars. Book your room at our #1 Brattleboro Bed and Breakfast today!

Great views while hiking at Pisgah State Park near our Brattleboro Bed and Breakfast

Hiking & More at Pisgah State Park

If you’re inspired by stunning natural scenery, there’s no better place to spend some time this summer than southern Vermont, home to gorgeous parks and natural areas. Though Pisgah State Park is just across the border in New Hampshire, it offers a variety of forested terrain and stunning natural beauty that is spectacular. Pisgah State Park is a watershed for the Ashuelot River, so you’ll also find several protected streams, ponds, and wetlands to enjoy here, too.

Pisgah State Park encompasses an impressive 13,000 acres, making it the largest New Hampshire State Park. Whether you’re interested in hiking, biking, horseback riding, and more, there’s something for everyone at Pisgah State Park. More importantly, the trailheads at Pisgah State Park are just 15 minutes from our Brattleboro Bed and Breakfast! Here are a few highlights to look forward to this summer and fall at Pisgah State Park in New Hampshire.

  • Hiking is the number one thing to do at Pisgah State Park, and it’s easy to see why. There are six main trailheads throughout the park, with plenty of options for short, moderate, and longer & more challenging hikes.
  • Extend your hike from Pisgah State Park to Mount Monadnock along the Wantistiquet-Monadnock Trail. This incredible 50-mile trail starts in Brattleboro before passing through Pisgah State Park on the way to Mount Monadnock.
  • The protected ponds within Pisgah State Park are great fishing spots, including fishing at the Pisgah Reservoir.
  • With so much water running through the park, Pisgah State Park is also a great place to enjoy a bit of canoeing or kayaking. The Pisgah Reservoir is an excellent place for boating, with numerous small islands in the reservoir and a beautiful shoreline to explore.
  • Admire the incredible biodiversity of this protected park, and enjoy quiet time in nature. There’s nothing quite so soothing for a tired mind or body!

Aside from the trails at Pisgah State Park, Mount Monadnock is one of the best hikes near Brattleboro, VT

6 More Great Hikes near Brattleboro, VT

Though we love hiking at Pisgah State Park, there are many more fantastic hikes near Brattleboro, VT to take, especially as we inch closer to the spectacularly colorful fall months. In the Brattleboro area, you’ll find that we have easy access to several state parks and various other hiking trails, mountains, and more. We even have a delightful network of walking trails known as The Retreat Trails that you can access from the back yard of our Brattleboro Bed and Breakfast.

Whether spending some time with us this summer or visiting later this fall, you’ll find hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy the area. Here are a few more great hikes near Brattleboro, VT, to consider.

  1. One of the best hikes in the country, let alone one of the best hikes near Brattleboro, VT, is the sensational Mount Monadnock. Mount Monadnock has been designated as a National Natural Landmark. Though it’s definitely a challenging hike, you’ll find an amazing bare rock summit that offers 100-mile views of six New England States.  
  2. Another of our favorite hikes near Brattleboro, VT, is Mount Wantastiquet. From the top of Mount Wantastiquet, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of Brattleboro and the river valley.
  3. Molly Stark State Park is another excellent place to find fabulous hikes near Brattleboro, VT. This state park is located on the scenic byway of the same name and has a variety of trails worthy of exploration – especially as the foliage heats up this fall. Hiking up to the fire lookout tower on Mt. Olga is among the most popular activities in the park.
  4. If you’re looking for hikes near Brattleboro, VT, that are slightly off the beaten path, consider the Chesterfield Gorge Natural Area. The trail around the gorge is less than a mile, but the views are absolutely worth the trip.
  5. Townshend State Park sits at the foot of Bald Mountain on a bend of the West River. The moderate to difficult Bald Mountain Trail will take about 3 hours to complete but will take you to sensational views at the top of the 1,680-foot summit.
  6. If you’re up for a bit of a drive to some of the best hikes near Brattleboro, VT, head to Gifford Woods State Park. This is a premier destination for excellent fall hiking in Vermont and well worth the drive from Brattleboro. It contains one of the few old-growth hardwood tree stands remaining in Vermont, where you’ll find five lovely hiking trails to explore.

From Pisgah State Park to these additional hikes near Brattleboro, VT, you won’t run out of fun things to do this summer. It’s time to get away!  Book your room at our Brattleboro Bed and Breakfast today.

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